From Mexico to the UK and back

Originally posted in SymposiumMx From Mexico to the UK and back.

Our beloved Mexico, full of natural beauty, extraordinary cultural practices, marvelous pre-Hispanic history and hard working people. Why would anyone leave Mexico to come to cold and rainy UK? For many reasons, we did.

Students and Postdoctoral fellows from all over Mexico come to Europe and especially to the United Kingdom to develop their skills, discover other ways of life, taste different flavors, experience the day to day living in a country very different from our own. We get to see and experience the first world. There is nothing wrong in the UK at first glance, everything is bright and shiny (except for the weather, especially for me coming from the Caribbean part of Mexico)… then you live here and you start noticing the problems. We get to experience every day all of those things that make the UK different from Mexico. All the positives and negatives. We notice those things we would want to change in our home towns, in the neighboring ones, in the whole country. Mexico is beautiful and dear in the heart of each Mexican, but our love is not blind. We are all aware of the pain, injustice and suffering of the people living there. We cannot turn a blind eye on the corrupt practices of our government, on the lack of health quality and inequality our people is experiencing. Mexico is not perfect. Is not dead yet either. I would not dare to say we are here in the UK to go back and solve it. There is no place in the world for such a colonialist view. At least for me, being here keeps me thinking of the changes that need to happen, of the things I need to change of myself to make those changes a reality. You get to value the good things in Mexico (there are still many), to get a proportion of the problems. Some people can do it from Mexico. I have a new perspective, not necessarily a better one, but definitely a different one since I am here.

The XIII Symposium of Mexican Students and Studies provides an excellent forum to share the work being done by Mexicans in the UK and Europe, and to analyse what impact our work has for Mexico and the world. We encourage students from all disciplines (Mexican or not, you only have to be interested in Mexico), and artists to come and share with us their experiences and views. London, especially in the Dual Year Mexico-UK, provides the perfect venue for the exchange of ideas. We expect nurturing discussions that should definitely lead to proposals to tackle the diverse problems our country is facing. Do not miss the chance to use this platform, is made for you.

We are all Mexico and change is only going to come from us. Let’s do it!

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